When the droves of 747’s unload the thousands of daily visitors to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on Honolulu’s south shore, most of them don’t ever leave that side of the island. Between the Luau’s, Mai Tai’s, and beachfront shopping, the tempting allures of greater Honolulu can swiftly suck one in like quicksand. Still, there is plenty more to do on this beautiful rock in the pacific than what is so eloquently platted and served for you in Waikiki. So here is a little list of “Must Do’s” that we have assembled up for you to enjoy.

HIKE: There’s no shortage of incredible hikes on the island, with an offering that delivers something for everyone. One might opt-in for something a little more physically demanding or simply go for the view. Either way, the massive waterfalls, and panoramic views won’t disappoint wherever the trail takes you. We’ve curated a list of our favorite hikes worth mapping out.
      Koko Head
      Stairway to Heaven
      Crouching Lion

        Sure, this sounds like a nightmare to some, but it’s actually quite peaceful. Several companies on the North Shore of the island are worth looking into that provide a safe and educational experience of free swimming with these majestic predators. Be sure to do your homework on the company you choose, but this one’s a must!

          SURF: We know this one can be just as intimidating as #2 on the list, but Oahu boasts a wide variety for those seeking the ancient art of wave riding. For the beginner, the calm rollers of Waikiki will do right by you, but if you’re searching for a little more adrenaline, the massive waves of the North Shore will surely deliver. If standing up on a board is past your pay grade, head to Sandy’s and go for a body surf. Remember to always observe the ocean’s daily conditions and listen to the lifeguards.

            EAT: No matter what your culinary palette is, there are a few things you must to try while on the island. From the food trucks of Oahu’s North and East Shores to the underground noodle spots of China Town to the array of fresh fish to be ravaged, Oahu is jammed with fantastic places to dine. So bring an open mind, get off the beaten path and try something new. Between Yelp, The Food Network, and simply some good old-fashioned asking around, you are certain to stumble into one of the best meals of your life while in Hawaii. Here’s our short list of traditional Hawaiian staples you can’t leave the island until you try.
              • Spam Musubi (Don’t knock it till you try it!)
              • Poke (Gold, in raw fish form)
              • Lau Lau, Lomi Salmon, and Kalua Pig (Dig into some traditional Hawaiian Cuisine)
              • Plate Lunch (Katsu, Loco Moco, Mac Salad, Kalbi Rib, and get ready for a nap afterward.)

              EXPLORE: Be a professional guest, not a tourist - Ask locals what to do. Go pull up a seat at a local watering hole, take some notes, and explore. The island is a melting pot of culture with stunning scenery and exciting activities around every corner. Sometimes the best times are unplanned.