• Welcome to TRUE APPAREL

    Countless years of development, several trips around the world and plenty of on-course R&D have led to our long-awaited, tried and TRUE Apparel Collection. So many brands compete to stand out with crazy prints and loud colors, but ironically, it's all starting to look the same. On the other hand, a couple of athleisure brands are making styles that cross over into golf, but they lack a real connection to the sport. Golf is in our DNA, so we're creating minimalist pieces that are amazing to play in but can cross over into everyday life at the office, at home, or traveling.


The word 'essentials' in the apparel space has gotten misconstrued. For a lot of golf brands, their essential lineup feature loud colors, bold patterns and large logos. While others sadly strip out all of the quality materials, thoughtful details, and performance features - delivering boring, regurgitated designs.

For us, 'essentials' are defined by this truth: products you can't live without. The new mainstays in your rotation - our elevated essentials feel even better than they look. With a clean, natural color palette and modern, minimalist aesthetic, our elevated essentials are meant to be worn everyday, everywhere. On repeat.


We could never find that perfect golf lifestyle wardrobe. Outfits that not only looked natural on or off the course - but that felt even better than they looked. The kind of clothes that didn't look out of place on the first tee box or out to dinner with friends. Something simple, yet detailed. Minimalist, but thoughtful in innovation and quality.

Frustrated with the status quo and endless, endless racks of loud prints and cheap synthetic fabrics - we decided to make the kinds of clothes we were searching for, ourselves. Just like our footwear, our apparel is born out of selfish ideation and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Quality, thoughtfully designed athleisure apparel made for golf just isn't easy to come by. Sure, there's outside brands doing their best to emulate a golf aesthetic - but do those yoga inspired mega brands really get what the golfer needs? After testing gear ourselves and talking with some of golf's premier athletes and stockiest - the consensus was simply, no.

Golf is in our DNA. So we've taken the fit, feel, and performance that our culture has come to love from the athliesure category and added our signature TRUE functionality and versatility. Using ultra-premium fabrics and cloud-like materials, these are pieces you'll buy for golf - but want to wear all day.