When we re-focused our product development strategy we did so with a few clear principles. (Photos Below)

SELF-SERVING CREATION: No more status-quo-cookie-cutter designs, depending on opinions of mega-store buyers or reactions to what the rest industry is doing (seriously take a look around, most golf shoe manufacturers are basically just swapping logos). We wanted to create shoes that we actually wanted, that feel and look the way we want them to. We wanted shoes that performed the way we thought ideal, and that lasted as long as we'd expect them to - all at a price we'd like to pay for them.

DIRECT CONTROL: Utilizing only the highest quality material suppliers, time tested manufacturing techniques, relationally based manufacturing partners and innovative eco-practices - we wanted to control every step of the process so we would control the end result. We accomplish this through regular R&D and QC trips, as well as having a dedicated TRUE on-the-ground team in our oversees manufacturing district.

ADAPTABLE INNOVATION: This is where we're starting to shake things up. We're utilizing techniques for waterproofing that no golf shoe has ever sniffed. New water-repellency + extreme airflow techniques for warmer weather climates. Introducing shoe tech that is adaptable from the links to the streets. And we've only just begun. Wish we could divulge more secrets, but the big guys would like that too much.

ENJOY THE WALK: We're here because we enjoy the development process. The challenge, the journey, the end result and the complications in between. Oh, and every shoe should enhance the walk. Period.

Trip Update:

Now a year and a half into growing our new R&D department, three brand new shoe models, 9 oversees development adventures, countless failed (or pending) model samples - we feel more dedicated to those promises than ever. Hopefully we can use your satisfaction ratings, reviews, conversations and insights to continue to shape our vision and keep us on the right path.

This latest trip, June 2018, was an adventure. The type of adventure that leaves our team here more excited than ever about what we have in store.

From a self-serving creation standpoint we have nearly a half dozen new designs, including new outsole concepts in the works. All of which pass the ultimate test: would we want them or wear them? (answered with an emphatic, yes)

In direct control, we established relationships with a few new suppliers and manufacturing partners. As we continue to strive to create the lightest, most breathable shoes on the planet, we've found an expert in those manufacturing techniques. We sourced some sustainable, vegan materials that can be used as a waterproof and breathable shell that we're testing for durability and feel. We also spent ample time investing in our current suppliers and partners.

From an adaptable innovation standpoint we made some big advancements in waterproofing, breathability, and lightweight construction techniques. We've found some new construction techniques and materials that will help promote airflow through waterproof shoes. On top of that we're starting to think of climate control, within the shoe, and how we can keep your feet in the comfort zone. All these innovations will work from the links to the streets.

We enjoyed this last Chinese walk, had blast hanging out with our factory owners, going to the driving range to test brand new samples, and enjoying traditional Chinese dinner party's with the factory staff and their family members. We even found a Mexican restaurant to enjoy some Tacos on the other side of the planet. All of this (tacos included) at the end of the day to build the best shoes possible so you can Enjoy The Walk. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity.