Introducing TRUE Apparel

Introducing TRUE Apparel

“Countless years of development, several trips around the world and plenty of on-course research and development have led to our long-awaited, tried and TRUE Apparel Collection,” - TRUE CEO Jason Moore, - Forbes Interview



It has always been a dream of TRUE to style our customers head to toe. While apparel was in the works for quite some time, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago, we started to really entertain the idea of our apparel line. We wanted to take a different approach than most brands competing out there with loud, bold colors and continue to take our minimalist approach. Fast forward to 2022/23, where we finally felt like our selfish innovation was ready to be released. Plenty of testing and iterations brought us to where we are today and our newest drop.




Let’s refresh everyone’s memory a bit: back in October of 2022, we had our first official apparel drop, the All Day Chino and the All Day 5-Pocket pant. We wanted to come at it with a “from the ground up” vibe. Within the first 3 months, we sold over 1000 pairs of pants. We continued that mentality with two more pant styles in early 2023, the All Day Jogger and the All Day Hybrid Jogger. We stayed TRUE to our love of styles that can be worn both on and off the golf course.




“Golf is life for many people, but a lot happens between rounds, and we want to be there with our customers on that journey. This gives us much more perspective when we approach our products based on that unique experience. That has led us to perfect waterproofing and understanding what people need to stay comfortable in intermittent climates. It's a great way to test our products and scratch our own itch. If it works up here, it will work just about anywhere in the world.” - Spencer Goetz, Apparel Design Director, Forbes Interview




We are bringing 6 new pieces, that's right 6! All pieces to complete the look and to style with all our pants and footwear. With our roots being in the PNW, we experience all facets of golf weather. We made sure our products were fit to handle it all. For Autumn & Winter, all are great layering pieces. For Spring & Summer the breathable, moisture wicking fabrics are perfect for anytime of day. The goal behind this was to elevate your essential wardrobe. We say wardrobe instead of “golf wardrobe” because while golf is in our DNA and the main reason behind the design and creation of our products, this line truly can be worn anywhere, anytime.  




Our LUX Polo, LUX Mock Polo, and LUX T-shirt are all made with 45% Recycled Polyester, 45% Tencel, & 10% Spandex and our All Day Crewneck, Hoodie, and Quarter Zip are made with 43% Tencel, 52% Recycled Polyester, and 5% Spandex. Industry leaders of similar products typically have 15-20% Tencel so we went one step further with our apparel and took our content to almost 50%. 


For those who don’t know what Tencel is, Tencel is made up of two sets of fabric that combined are super soft and very sustainable. The combo is also very similar to Rayon, and is stronger and more durable than Cotton and Linen. Tencel is also one of the most breathable and temperature regulating fabrics, perfect for any time of day and weather! Our Tencel/Polyester blend is what gives our products their natural, buttery soft feel and longevity of fabric means not only holding the shape after wear and wash, but the softness of the fabric as well. 


We could not be more excited to finally share this drop with you all. It's one step closer to bridging the gap between golf and everyday style and we cannot wait to hear what you think!


Stay tuned for more articles about styling and sizing…