2019 TRUE Gift Guide

2019 TRUE Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift is a tall task, no matter who you're shopping for. Luckily, your friends at TRUE are here to help nail down the perfect present for the golfer in your life. To do that, we've enlisted several TRUE ambassadors who're recommending their top picks to put under the tree this season. These folks have worn, tested, and approved a variety of items guaranteed to steal the show Christmas morn'. Spoiler alert: One of these fan-favorite models will be under $100 during Black Friday weekend. We'll let your imagination run wild here.

Without further ado, our 2019 Gift Guide as recommended from the TRUE faithful.

For Him & Her: TRUE Knit

The TRUE Knit, one of the top selling shoes of 2019, is the perfect shoe to be worn on and off the course. This fan-favorite (nudge nudge) comes in 5 colorways, including the limited edition Linksouldier Knit. MSRP: $129

What they're saying: "TRUE linkswear has created the perfect multi-purposed golf shoe with their TRUE Knit line. The comfort, style, dual functionality, and durability is simply unmatched. Not only have I played some of the best golf of my life in my TRUE Knit shoes, I’ve made great memories with them off the course as well. Their relaxed fit and breathability are perfect for any spring or summer round of golf. And the tread on the bottom has kept me grounded and secure from any slick uneven lies (that I frequently experience). They’re TRUEly a brilliant golf shoe. But my favorite feature is that I find my self wearing my True Knits in almost every situation off the course as well. They’re just so comfortable and easy to throw on. The genius of this shoe comes from the relaxed stylish look. If you weren’t a golfer you’d never guess that I just walked 18 holes in these same kicks. Whether I’m running errands, meeting friends for dinner, or trying to squeeze in 9 after work I’m rocking my TRUE knits." - Josh (@journeyforbirdie)

  • TRUEknit Fully Breathable One-Piece Upper (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)
  • One Piece TRUEknit Upper Flexibly Conforms to Most Foot Shapes (D-EEE)
  • Water and Oil Repellent Upper
  • EVA Midsole for Lightweight Cushioning, 12.55 mm
  • Extremely Lightweight - 9.5 oz. (size 9 M)
  • Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop - (4-6mm dependent on size)

For The Music Geek: Wayfarer Speaker

The Wayfarer Speaker, although minimal in stature, boasts incredible battery life and sound lasting all 18 on a single charge. Backed in a wood casing with the TRUE insignia, the speaker easily clips onto your bag or cart and doesn't take up much room whatsoever. MSRP $69

What they're saying: “I was immediately impressed with the overall feel and look of the True Wayfarer Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker is super lightweight but, well-constructed. The wood grain finish adds a clean, sophisticated look, and the detail engraving on the back adds a nice elegant touch. The size of the speaker is perfect…it is comparable to a wallet in your back pocket if you were to carry it around and is small enough to be added to your belt loop without being burdensome. The paring to my iPhone took seconds to connect, and streaming from Pandora and Spotify was a breeze. I was very satisfied with the overall clear crisp sound it was projecting. Even at full volume, the clarity was on point. For the money and size, you can’t get any better than this, and for a True fanatic as myself, this is a must buy to add to your collection of True linkswear products. This will be clipped onto my golf bag for many rounds to come. ” - Josh F. (@Sway_253)

  • Distinct mids and highs delivers excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass - the next generation of portable speaker delivers the sound & features that distance it from the competition. It's the perfect gift for the walking golfer in your life.
  • Distortion-free at maximum volume; room filling sound, perfect for walking, riding, or just lounging around the home. Seamlessly connects with Amazon Music, Spotify, and more!
  • The Wayfarer Bluetooth Speaker is lightweight under 10 ounces, 5 inches long, 2.8 inches tall; High capacity rechargeable 2200 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume on a full charge; designed to be carried or clipped onto your bag with the included carabiner.
  • Connects in seconds to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Chromebooks - To play from TVs and non-Bluetooth devices use a 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack - includes Micro-USB charging cable.

For The Gentleman: TRUE TL-01

Who say's you can't wear your golf shoes on a nice night out? Transition seamlessly from the links to any upscale shindig with the uber-comfortable TL-01. MSRP $149

What they're saying: "One of the things I love about all of the shoes I’ve owned from True Linkswear is their versatility. This is possibly best demonstrated in the TL-01, which is an absolute Swiss army knife for life. From the office to the range to a night out on the town, the TL-01 looks and performs perfectly. Instant out of the box comfort meets style that is home wherever you are. I truly love this shoe!" - Scott Mills (@Fullbodyfix)

  • 8.7 oz in a full grain Nappa leather upper is unheard of.
  • EVA cushioned midsole in a neutral platform for natural balance and stability.
  • Just enough protection to keep you dry on damp days yet breathable on those warmer days.
  • Don’t be fooled by its off-course appearance, the TL-01 boasts just as much tread as any shoe in our history, resulting in great on course traction.
  • Still designed around the shape of the natural foot, this classic silhouette fits a standard to 1E width (molds to your foot over time).

For The Long Driver: TRUE x Snell Golf Balls

We teamed up with our friends at Snell to deliver a TRUE high-quality golf ball. A genius stocking-stuffer for those who seems to burn through their balls by the dozen. MSRP $34/dozen

What they're saying: "When it comes to golf balls, I tend to stick with what I know. I was excited to try the True stamped Snell MTB-Xs, and see how my game might change with a different ball. The look of these right out of the sleeve makes you say, “I can’t wait to crush this thing!” The golf balls are very well made and have an extremely solid and durable feel to them.

Off the tee these have a great carry and kept my drives just as straight, if not straighter than normal. My first approach shot into the green, I was shocked how much backspin I was able to produce with what felt like a mediocre swing. If you’re looking for an inexpensive ball that has the feel and results of the expensive brands, this is it! My only regret after playing a round with these was losing one to the water on #7." - Brandon A. (@Brando.Alberto)

  • The MTB-X is Snell's latest 3 piece design offering, a high-performance golf ball.
  • Superior Distance - new smaller core offers low driver spin & faster speeds.
  • Higher Iron Spin - a thicker, firmer mantle layer for increased mid and short iron approach shots.
  • Refined Aerodynamics - low lift, low drag for controlled ball flight to reduce "ballooning" and offer great performance in the wind.
  • Firmer Feel - firmer, thicker mantle layer provides high spin and firmer feel than the MTB Black model. (85-90 Compression Range).
  • Excellent Short Game Performance - MTB-X features Snell's CAST urethane cover for excellent control, feel, & durability.
  • Conforms to USGA standards and are legal for tournament play.

For The Professional: TRUE Major

Our flagship model, the TRUE Major, delivers quality and comfort for the serious golfer. Our ultimate waterproof technology headlines all the bells and whistles this shoe has to offer. Did we mention it ships in a reusable shoe/shag bag? 2 gifts for the price of 1. MSRP $199

What they're saying: "The bag that the shoes come in was unexpected. I have seen pictures of it online but I didn’t realize how good the construction would be on something as simple as a bag for the shoes. I love it - a regular shoe box I’ll most likely just recycle but this bag can be reused for a number of different things. Hello cart cooler!

For the shoes themselves they seem to be of the utmost quality in construction. All the detail - from the visibility stripe on the heel strap to the “True” logo inlay on the outsole as well as inside the shoe. Speaking of the inside, the sock-like liner with the burst of red color really sets the look and feel apart. For an area of the shoe that only the owner will ever see to have this much attention to detail speaks volumes as to what True is looking to convey with this line. To top it off, the the shoelaces not being the typical standard shoelace material but rather the paracord material.

There’s quality leather overlaid with suede to give it a premium feel. This doesn’t scream “golf shoe” - it’s not overly athletic. The colorway - black with red highlights - is stellar. Clean lines with just a pop of color to call out that this is no ordinary shoe. I’ve been wearing a different brand of golf shoes for the past few years, but I wouldn’t dare wear those off the course in any situation. These look just as much on point whether out for a few drinks or on the links. These are my first pair of Trues and I am beyond stoked to be able to try them out! Everything is great.. Well done, True!" - Will R. (@fwprj)

  • Premium Waterproof Full Grain Leather and Outdoor Grade Nubuck Suede
  • All New 80k Step Dynamic Waterproof and Breathable 2 Year Guarantee
  • Signature Instant Flex Zone for Dynamic Movement and Fit
  • EVA Midsole for Lightweight Cushioning, 12.55 mmSock Fit Liner for Crazy Comfort
  • Paracord Lacing System with Reflective Rope Lace
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop - (4-6mm dependent on size)
  • Forever Cushion Premium Inserts